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Your heart is our top priority at Delhi Cardio, a startup that provides innovative and affordable solutions that improve cardiovascular health. We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy and happy heart, regardless of their age, lifestyle, or background.

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At Delhi Cardio, we take pride in providing unparalleled cardiac diagnostic services in Delhi. What sets us apart from the rest is our distinctive quality assurance process, meticulously designed to guarantee the utmost accuracy and reliability in every report we generate. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the involvement of our esteemed Board of Advisors, comprised of some of the country's most respected and renowned cardiologists. Each report undergoes a thorough review and approval process by these experts before reaching you, ensuring that it is not only based on our own expertise and experience but also validated by their collective knowledge. This rigorous scrutiny ensures that every report is free of errors, precise, and ultimately trustworthy.

Board Of Advisors

Delhi Cardio is committed to excellence and innovation in cardiac care. We are not satisfied with the status quo, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and outcomes. We are constantly updating our knowledge and skills, and adopting the best practices and standards in the field. We are also open to feedback and suggestions from our customers and partners, and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations..

Services we are offering

Delhi Cardio is more than just a service, it is a vision of providing the best cardiac care to the people of Delhi and NCR. Delhi Cardio was founded by a team of eminent cardiologists, who saw the need for accurate and reliable diagnostic and medical management services that can help patients recover faster and better. Delhi Cardio offers a range of cardiac tests and treatments at your doorstep, at your comfort, and at affordable prices. You can book an appointment online or by phone, and our experts will come to you with the latest technology and equipment.


Holter Test

At Delhi Cardio, we use a 3 channel Holter recorder which is India’s first wireless Holter.

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Delhi Cardio makes use of India’s first ABMP machine, its algorithms allow us to detect the position of your body.

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ELR Test

An ELR is a cardiac diagnostic test that records heart activity over a period of time, typically 7 days.

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Sleep Study

Sleep study is a valuable diagnostic tool that identify sleep disorders and provides insights into your sleep patterns.

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Our Expertise

Delhi Cardio has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing accurate and reliable diagnostic services, highly regarded by doctors in Delhi & NCR. Our expertise lies in the specialized diagnosis of all types of heart conditions, making us a trusted resource for comprehensive cardiac care.

Arrhythmias Condition
Pacemaker Function
Heart Failure Management
Atrial Fibrillation
Heart Block
Chest Pain
Syncope Evalutation
Heart Rhythm
Sleep Disorder
Abnormality of The Heart Beats

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Delhi Cardio

As Delhi NCR's pioneering cardiac care startup, Delhi Cardio is proud to lead the way in providing top-notch cardiac diagnostic services.

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As Delhi NCR's pioneering cardiac care startup, Delhi Cardio is proud to lead the way in providing top-notch cardiac diagnostic services.

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The human heart, beats relentlessly to sustain life. However, this can sometimes falter, leading to irregular heartbeats known as arrhythmias. Diagnosing these irregularities can be challenging.

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In the realm of cardiac diagnostics, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to providing the best care for patients.

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