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Founder Message

Dr Ashwani Mehta

Senior Consultant Cardiologist

Founder’s Letter

We have come a long way and traveled quite a distance. Still, there is further to go.

As healthcare providers, we are challenged to meet the gap between dependable testing and user-friendly cardiac diagnostic services. Even in metropolitan cities, there is a dearth of Cardiac diagnostic tools that are on par with international standards.

It is not at all a topic of debate that diagnostic tools are crucial for a doctor to get a complete insight into the patient’s health problems. Diagnostic tests are the most significant aspect of a treatment that would have a direct effect on a patient’s treatment. Hence authenticity of a test is of paramount importance.

To bridge the gap and meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry, it is critical to augment both the quantity and quality of Diagnostic Services at all levels and ensure continuous delivery of quality services and enhance access to quality health care services.

The country requires highly skilled and proficient diagnostic services with expertise that meet the changing health profile and rising expectations of the population. Delhi Cardio Diagnostic Services is continuously working towards imparting best-in-class Cardiac Diagnostic Services.

Delhi Cardio Diagnostics Services is committed to providing affordable, accessible, world-class diagnostic services to the patient.

As a company, we accept full responsibility for our services and acknowledge our accountability for the outcome of all that we do. We strive for continuous improvement, believing that competence, reliability, and a rigorous adherence to process and discipline are the keys to excellence.

I would like to thank all as we continue to make strides towards our vision!!

Time is right to scale and speed our initiatives.

Looking forward to achieving new heights.

Thank You

Dr Ashwani Mehta