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Comprehensive Sleep Study Test in Delhi NCR

Polysomnography, commonly called sleep study is a comprehensive test used to diagnose sleep disorders. It records the oxygen levels to your heart, heart rate, and breathing.

Our sleep study tests are made available at the comfort of your homes with best-in-class devices making us the best sleep study test service providers in Delhi NCR.


Your doctor may advise a sleep study test in many cases, for a proper detailed diagnosis. The most common reason is sleep apnea, where an individual wakes up frequently due to irregular breathing. Sleep apnea causes breathing to stop and start at intervals during night sleep.

Can Sleep Study Detect Heart Problems?

During a sleep study, your heart, lungs, and brain activity is recorded. Your cardiologist can make use of this information to arrive at a definite diagnosis.

Sleep Study Test With Delhi Cardio

Everyone sleeps best in their beds. At Delhi Cardio, we do not require you to come to any sleep clinics to avail the best sleep study in Delhi, and that’s the benefit We offer to patients. You can avail of our service from the comfort of your home. Our technician will arrive at your doorstep and prep you for the test, and also collect the device from your doorstep once the test is finished.

Reports are made available within a day after test completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sleep study test, also known as polysomnography, is a non-invasive procedure that monitors and records various physiological signals during sleep. It helps diagnose sleep disorders and provides valuable insights into a person's sleep patterns and quality.

During a sleep study test, you will be comfortably monitored in a sleep center or sometimes even in your own home. Sensors are attached to your body to record brain waves, eye movements, heart rate, breathing patterns, and other parameters. These measurements are analyzed by experts to determine the presence and severity of any sleep disorders.

Although sleeping in a new environment may feel different at first, most people are able to sleep reasonably well during a sleep study test. The sleep technicians strive to create a comfortable setting that mimics your usual sleep routine as closely as possible.

Yes, a sleep study test is considered safe and non-invasive. The sensors used are designed to be comfortable and do not cause any pain. The procedure is conducted under the supervision of trained healthcare professionals to ensure your safety and well-being.

No, you will not be alone during the sleep study test. There will be trained sleep technicians nearby who will monitor your sleep and ensure your comfort throughout the night. They will be available to address any concerns or questions you may have.

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