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Listening to your heart since 2018

Delhi Cardio is the brainchild of the city’s well-known cardiologists. Delhi Cardio came into existence in 2018. It is founded by the city’s renowned cardiologists, making Delhi Cardio a sole venture in the diagnostic domain founded by a practicing Cardiologist.

Our team is well-trained from premier institutes across the country. Our doctors and technicians are well-versed in their field and are experts in what they do.

We have come together with a vision to provide the best cardiac diagnostic services in terms of quality, accessibility, and precision. In a short period, we have become well known among the city’s healthcare practitioners because of our dedication and reliability.

A 100% client satisfaction is proof of our exemplary success. We have made definitive diagnoses time and again. With over 1 lakh tests conducted with 100% efficiency; our database of satisfied clients keeps expanding.

Delhi Cardio uses the best-in-class diagnostic devices that are on par with international standards. We use advanced technology to bring about precise testing. Our Holter monitor is the single monitor in the country with a three-channel recording.

We are continuously developing and advancing to make the most convenient and authentic tests available to our clients. We aim to be prominent in the Cardiac diagnosis services for our valued service and unwavering dedication towards client satisfaction.

We have been highly considerate about the various aspects of a patient’s being while designing this service venture. Hence, we have several key features that are unique to us. Considering travel problems, time constraints, and the requirement of timely treatments, we make available Cardiac diagnoses within 2 hours of booking at the comfort of your home anywhere in Delhi NCR.

A procedure like an angioplasty may require you to frequently visit the hospital or a diagnostic center for checkups, At Delhi Cardio we understand the patient's need for uninterrupted rest. We, with our care at home service have made available timely checkups to the patient at his home.

With Delhi Cardio, each patient is treated with utmost care and attention. We understand it as our duty to make sure that our client has his anxieties related to tests addressed at the start with empathetic and warm counseling.

We are available for the patient on call during the testing period as well. So that the patient is stress-free at all times.

Delhi Cardio also offers care at home post-discharge in the form of check-ups that are frequently required after a hospital stay. We ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted rest period while you recover.

We see Delhi Cardio as an answer to many unsaid problems that a patient endures.


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Our goal is to provide reliable, accurate diagnostic information while maintaining the convenience of our patients.



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