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6 March 2018
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Diagnostic services at home are a boon

There was a time when a patient would have to travel, wait out ques, and bare the discomfort of sitting in a lab for long hours to get even simple tests done. Thankfully to the advancements in medical science, even complicated tests such as cardiovascular diagnostic tests can be done from the comfort of the patient’s home. Delhi cardio brings to you budget-friendly, highly reliable cardiac diagnostic tests to the comfort of your home, or wherever you wish to avail yourself.

We can not stress more about the importance of proper diagnosis. Health is wealth, only when you are healthy will you be able to enjoy what life has to offer. Good health starts with watching out for any underlying conditions in case of any signs and symptoms. And here diagnosis plays a very important role to help doctors find out the cause and condition of a health problem and for the patient to keep their health in check and for disease control.

Delhi cardio, a premiere cardiac testing service came into existence to reduce the discomforts associated with diagnoses for an already ailing patient. You can avail of our Holter services from anywhere in Delhi NCR. Now you no longer have to book appointments and wait out your busy schedule, we are here to make cardiac diagnosis effortless for you.

Advantages of diagnostic tests at home

1. No more waiting time

We give you the authority to choose your slot and schedule the appointments based on your convenience, unlike testing labs where you have to follow a scheduled appointment time. And say goodbye to waiting for the reports as we make your reports available to you where you are within a period of 24 to 48 hours, therefore keeping the waiting time very short.

2. Hassle-free bookings

To avail of home services all you have to do is push a button and we are available with our state-of-the-art devices that will give you precise readings.

3. Simple process

For one, we are a click away and the plus side is that the process is very simple right from booking and scheduling, to online transactions, and the availing of reports.

4. Hygienic

We are not saying that labs are un-hygienic, but again there is no place like home. Especially when there is a sick person involved. We have the benefit of skipping public transport (if that may apply) and also you meet fewer people so that your risk of contracting any infections is nullified.

5. Cost-effective

There are devices that are sold in the market that come at a heavy price, by booking with a diagnosis service there is cost reduction plus there is a satisfaction that a qualified technician has administered the test on you.

6. Convenience

Cardiac diagnoses at home are very convenient for various reasons as mentioned above.

7. Accuracy of results

The results are highly accurate. The devices are never compromised on the quality and we ensure the entire process is absolutely effortless for the patient.

Book a Holter test with Delhi cardio from anywhere in Delhi NCR and see the difference for yourself.

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