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16 May 2018
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Exercise with a Holter monitor - is it possible?

There are a lot of complications when it comes to a heart patient. Taking care of fitness activities and then noting down their fitness dos and don'ts. Placing a Holter monitor and then working out can be a big question to ponder.

What are the possibilities after the Holter test?

When you have gone through with the tests, and after consultation with your doctor, there are certain things that he or she might recommend. Exercises are one of the priorities that a doctor always considers when it comes to a patient's development

So, here are chunks of the tasks, which you can perform after a Holter test to lead a healthy life.

  • Daily Chores : It usually comprises the tasks performed by people on regular basis. For example- From purchasing vegetables from a market to deal with your important clients. There are no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Light Exercises : You are allowed to perform low-impact workouts without any hassle. However, care must be taken not to jump into any heavy tasks that will impact your heart. Also, there are chances that the frequent movement or dealing with excessive exercises may disrupt the adhesive that sticks to the electrodes.

However, certain things prevail, which comes under don'ts and are not advisable.

  • Swimming & Bathing : The real problem arises when a patient chooses to swim without thinking about the consequences. You might end up wetting your electrodes.
  • Avoid heavy lifting : Heavy lifting is one of the tasks that you must avoid at any cost as it stresses your heartbeat. There are chances that you can get into serious trouble.

To make your life a bit easier, Delhi Cardio Diagnosis comes up with the first-ever wireless Holters. The best part is that you won't be requiring any Holter handling. This first-ever Holter monitor of its kind eradicates this problem with ease.

This isn't true that after a Holter test, a patient cannot perform anything. However, there should be no excessive exercises that may hamper your health. After all, health comes first.

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