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15 June 2018
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Simple Tricks Can Keep Your Heart Rate under Control

Having a high heart rate is quite an indication that you are more likely to get affected with heart problems in near future. So, in case your heart is pounding very fast then it is indication or might try to tell you something. Studies said that when a heart has a resting rate more than 70 beats in a minute then it would have increased your risk of having problems for more than 70%. Thankfully, there are some of the natural remedies for heart diseases or better we can say that tweaks so would help in easing the condition. For that follow some easy tricks to slow down your heart and lessen risk of having diseases.

Cardio must be done

You need to run harder because just jogging would not do the task for you. Exercising is excellent way to increase the efficiency of heart. On the same time, it would help to reduce the number of heartbeats and that is must require for a healthy blood flow. When you do the interval training then helps to give betterment with the heart's stroke volume for more than 10% and goes slower when there is no effect on it. So, better you need to running for at least 4 minutes at the 90% of your maximum rate and then jog for next 3 minutes. Make 3 repetitions of this. Trying the same for more than 3 times in a week is helpful idea actually.


Getting done with regular massage proved to be one of the finest natural remedies for heart diseases as helpful to soothe the rapid heartbeat. Trying the relax techniques make the body allowed to prepare adrenaline, epinephrine and no repinephrine in lesser amount. Also, it helps to keep a check over stress hormones so that rev the heart so would not able to get any danger.

A sound sleep is must

A study said that people who used to wake up several times at night because of sound or due to any other reason might not able to get sound sleep and that directly leave bad effect to the heart and it's functioning as well. So, try to have a sound sleep in darker room and it should be sound free as well, so no disturbances would be there.

Stop holding the pee

If you are having the urge to go to washroom, then you should not hold it not. Studies said that people who try to stop their urge leave unnecessary pressure to the bladder and it unknowingly increases ones heart rate and indication would be further problems. When the bladder goes expanded, then it makes the activity in the sympathetic nervous system and might be the reason for contraction of coronary vessels. So, in the case, the heart would be forced down to beat more often and collectively prepare the platform for a heart attack.

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