The pressing need for reliable diagnosis in heart care

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15 July 2018
Heart care

The pressing need for reliable diagnosis in heart care

Arrhythmias such as bradycardia and tachycardia are caused when the heart rate is too slow or too fast. Often it so happens that these conditions go missed due to their occasional nature. At times you may have symptoms of arrhythmias when at home, such as palpitations and fast/slow heart rate but at the doctor’s clinic, your heart rate is normal. In such a scenario there is the confusion that arises which follows you like a dark cloud as there is so much uncertainty about your health.

Holter tests using Holter monitors that are equipped with the best features and the latest technology are used to read the heart rate for over 24 to 72 hours to get detailed reports of heart activity. Holters work by reading the electrical signals of the heart, these devices are user-friendly as they are low-weight and can be carried around while doing day-to-day tasks.

Delhi cardio is providing the best Holter test services in Delhi and Delhi NCR. We bring to you our Holter services to your doorstep where a trained technician will help you set the device and your heart can be monitored thereby. We use India’s first 3 channel Holter which allows us to get the most precise test results with negligible event drop.

Speaking of convenience, there is an immediate need for diagnostic services to become patient-friendly and keep the comfort and convenience of the patient in mind, even while providing home visits by being more flexible with timings and appointment bookings.

Diagnostic services have a longer waiting time and this may be a hindrance to the patient’s health care as they become exposed to infections, also a recovering patient may need to spend that time on their beds resting and not in a diagnostic clinic. To find the best Cardiac diagnostic test in Delhi, contact Delhi Cardio.

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