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23 June 2023
Heart care

Reason to choose Delhi Cardio

Delhi Cardio is a startup in healthcare industry which seeks to provide the best, trustworthy, innovative, accessible and quality care service to heart patients to the comfort of patients’ home in any part of Delhi NCR, it aims to provide the premium cardiac diagnosis service to every heart patients at affordable prices.

1. Premium Heart Monitoring Devices

We at Delhi cardio uses premium medical devices which are equipped with advance technology and provide no noise or error during the test. Our devices are wireless and light weight which you can carry are easy to carry and you can go anywhere and can do daily normal activities while the test is going on. Our devices such as Holter, ABPM and ELR are premium medical devices which provide accurate report.

2. Accessibility and Convenience (ECG)

Delhi Cardio provides services at your doorstep that means you don’t have to go hospitals and wait for long time. We provide doorstep services across the Delhi NCR. Our team contact you and once your appointment get booked our technicians visit your home and proceed the test and once the test complete the technician will visit next day to collect the device and will deliver you the report within the 24 after completing the test. This cut off your long waiting hour and traveling time.

3. Premium service at affordable prices

We offer our premium services at affordable prices which is accessible to everyone and anyone can get their heart monitoring done from the comfort of their home, we offer various cardiac diagnostic services such as Holter monitoring, ABPM Monitoring, ELR, CGM and Sleep Study, and all these premium services are available to you at affordable prices.

4. Collaborative Approach

Delhi Cardio follows a collaborative approach, working closely with other healthcare providers and specialists. They believe in the importance of interdisciplinary care and collaborate with primary care Cardiologists, and other specialists to provide comprehensive treatment plans and ongoing support.

5. Team of Professional

Delhi Cardio have highly trained and qualified professionals from various disciplines, including technicians and administrative staff. Compassion and empathy art at the heart of everything we do. We treat each patient with respect, dignity and kindness, fostering a safe and comfortable environment where they can openly discuss their concerns. We believe in transparent and clear information sharing, ensuring that everyone involved is well-informed and understands the treatment options and care plans.

How to book appointment at Delhi cardio

You can find our company details, including phone number and email address, on our official website or through once you have the contact information, reach out to us by either calling on +91-9999657744 or sending us email on [email protected] , our staff will contact you for the confirmation of appointment and after confirming your slot, our technician will visit you for the test you’ve selected.

Get premium cardiac diagnostics services in delhi ncr at affordable price just give us call on 9999657744 or mail us on [email protected]


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